What's HOT?

  I have added a new section, Hampton's Hand-Made, where 90% of the money goes to the artisan. We have wonderfully unique sailboats made from driftwood, and "Oyster Wisdom" shells by one local artisan. From Zinger's Harvest we have some shea butter soap, and amazing jellies like Cabernet, Chardonnay and Sweet Fire. Shelly's Sea Salt is our newest addition, made right here in WHB! All of these items make great hostess gifts or souvenirs. We just got in another order of adult coloring books, as well as drawing pads and pencil sets which are very popular. The kids are still loving Emoji novelty items, including puffy stickers, pillows, and key chains!


There's always something new at Lynne's Cards and Gifts, timeless and trendy cards and gifts for all ages and occasions.

Tired of those 'cookie cutter' stores where everything is the same - you could be in Detroit or Daytona, Long Island or LA. Well, Lynne's Cards & Gifts is different. Different from all the others, and different every week.

I have hundreds of suppliers. I order small amounts, frequently. I don't specialize in having the cheapest items by the hundred. I have reasonably priced items in manageable quantities. I want my customers to find something new every time they come in. I listen to people, and try to keep changing in the right direction.

The old Mom and Pop stores are disappearing across the country. My sales representatives have lost 80% or more of their businesses in the last ten years. I'm holding out and hanging in there.

From what my customers tell me, I have something special, irreplaceable. I have a community center of sorts. I have continuity. I have a slice of small town America that's hard to find nowadays.

There are so many customers I care about. I could tell you their stories. I grew up here, have known many of my customers my whole life. I keep certain flair pens in for Jay Sears, pilots pens for Mrs. Burgess. I keep Smith Corona cartridges in for Sydney 's, and hand counters for the beach club. I keep a good supply of score pads and bridge tallies for my customers. In the last two years, Mah Jongg has caught on, so I keep the cards in stock now too.

I place special orders every week. People come to me for recommendations for gifts, for hard-to-find pen refills, for special occasion cards. And I get feed-back. I hear what toys made a big hit. I have some loyal customers who come to me for every gift for a niece, nephew, or grandchild.

I'd be glad to help you too.